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Middle School Merit Point System

B. Gale Wilson Middle School Wildcat Merit Program 

Discipline Policy

BGW is excited to continue the Wildcat Merit Program. In order for this program to be a success, your support is needed. Please review the information listed below with your student so that they are fully aware of our expectations. The information will be reviewed at the start of the year as well as throughout the school year. As always, please present concerns to the school’s administration. Students will follow the Wildcat guidelines:
* Be Safe
* Be Respectful
* Be Responsible
Earning Merit Points
Students can earn merit points for good behavior. Merit points are linked to behavior, not academic performance, therefore should not be given to reward academic success. Merit points are earned in recognition of individual good behavior and not given to entire classes. Merit points can be used like "good news" referrals for actions such as the following:
* Complete social skills packet
* Random acts of kindness
* Making good choices
* Demonstrating school spirit
* Reinforcing positive change of a behavior or habit.
* Working with/helping new students to BGW
* Accelerated Reader/Study Island Blue Ribbons
* Substitute commendation
1-5 Campus beautification
1-5 Assist a teacher with a special task
Students with more than 100 Merit points will be honored with extra privileges, a variety of activities will be planned. School staff can award merit points in increments of 1-5 points.
Losing Merit Points
Students start every quarter with 100 merit points. Merit points can be lost and/or earned throughout the quarter. The following is a list of behavior infractions and their minimum demerit value:
1 Tardy to class*
2 Gum*
1. Dress code violation / sagging *
1. Cell phone out/use during school hours *
1. Seeds/spitting/littering *
1. Missing a lunch detention
5 Grooming in Class *
1. Misbehavior at dances/assemblies *
1. Unsafe play or horseplay
5-10 Classroom disruptions
10 Cutting class
10 Profanity
1. Defiance, rudeness or disrespect to any school staff
1. Full day of truancy
1. Destruction of personal or school property
1. Any offense resulting in a suspension of 1-2 days
1. Any offense resulting in a suspension of 3-4 days
30 Any offense resulting in a suspension of 5 days
* = Infraction with demerits only, not necessary for referral
Students who lose 10 - 15 merit points from non-referral infractions (i.e gum chewing, dress code violations, etc.) will be assigned an after school detention. Students who lose 20 non-referral merit points will be assigned Saturday School. For every additional 10 demerits, students will be assigned additional Saturday School assignments. Students will lose 1 merit point for every time they are tardy to class. Students with 3 or
more tardies in a week will also be assigned a lunch detention. Notifications will be given to those students who are at risk of losing extra privileges (i.e. dances, extracurricular activities). Consequences for not following expectations are based on the seriousness of the behavior and the student’s past record. BGW uses progressive discipline. If unsuccessful behavior continues, consequences will become progressively more severe. The FSUSD student misbehavior and progressive disciplinary action chart can be found in the district parent handbook given at the start of each school year